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A special collection of some of the best electronics reference books of their type, including the renowned "Bebop" books, electronics formulae and calculation handbooks and many more sought-after titles which will be invaluable to the student, hobbyist or technician.

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An Introduction to Light in Electronics
F. A. Wilson This book is not for the expert but neither is it for the completely uninitiated. It..
Ex Tax: £4.95
BEBOP BYTES BACK (and the Beboputer Computer Simulator) CD ROM
Clive (Max) Maxfield and Alvin Brown. This follow-on to Bebop to the Boolean Boogie is a multimedia ..
Ex Tax: £18.25
Bebop to the Boolean Boogie -- An Unconventional Guide to Electronics Fundamentals, Components and Processes, Version 3
Clive (call me "Max") Maxfield. The Foreword by Pete Waddell, Editor, Printed Circuit Design reads: ..
Ex Tax: £30.99
Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals & Applications.
Mike Tooley. An essential practical reference to the principles and applications of digital and anal..
Ex Tax: £22.99
Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles, Third Edition by C R Robertson This book covers..
Ex Tax: £19.99
How Electronic Things Work
How Electronic Things Work (and what to do when they don't) by Robert Goodman. You never again ha..
Ex Tax: £18.99
Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers
An essential guide to PIC interfacing techniques, using circuit simulation to aid learning. Explo..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Introduction to Microprocessors
John Crisp. This book provides a thoroughly readable introduction to microprocessors. assuming no pr..
Ex Tax: £26.00
Newnes Electronics Toolkit
Geoff Phillips. Facts, formulae, data and charts are presented to help the engineer when designing, ..
Ex Tax: £33.99
Practical Electronics Handbook (Sixth Edition)
Ian Sinclair. Contains all of the everyday information that anyone working in electronics will need...
Ex Tax: £28.99
Starting Electronics - 4th Edition
Starting Electronics is unrivalled as a highly practical introduction for technicians, non-electroni..
Ex Tax: £17.50
The Basic Soldering Guide Handbook
The Basic Soldering Guide Handbook by Alan Winstanley is the No. 1 resource to learn all the basic a..
Ex Tax: £9.99
F. A. Wilson C.G.I.A., C.Eng., F.I.E.E., F.I. Mgt. This book examines what digital technology has to..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Understanding Electronic Control Systems
Owen Bishop has produced a concise, readable text to introduce a wide range of students, technicians..
Ex Tax: £33.99
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